Groups, Churches and Fundraisers

 The C card is the only Coupon card you will ever need
 and it`s easier then carrying Coupons
One card that can be used at all participating stores
And in other cities as well

Its easy to make money with
"TheCouponFlyer" Coupon card program

Just join up and then make sure that each person buying the C card
adds your group name in the box when buying the C card

              There will be a Box for a $5.00 discount if they mention the name                                 of the business or group that lead them to buying the C card

You will make $5.00 per card you sell and many will want this card
because it can be used at so many stores

To Join you must be excepted so fill out the form below to proceed

                Private people can join to if they want to make some extra money                                 selling the C card to friends and neighbors etc...                                     but must do it on a consistent part time or full time bases

 Fill out the form to see if you qualify
and make sure to leave a phone number and or an Email
 so that we can get in touch with you soon afterwards