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                                                          Ads are free                                                                                                      For all businesses that have a store front                                                                         in the cities listed below

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All business ads are free for these cities;

Alhambra, Pasadena, Glendale, El Monte, Rosemead

San Gabriel, So.Pasadena and more, email for details


Ads could  look like this below
                                     You name the discount as long as it`s a discount
                   Maybe a senior citizen discount


Get a Free AD Online
We make your Ad Free from your logo or business card

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You just need to offer a discount of any type since this is a Coupon website

We have more than 6000 local fans on our I Love Alhambra facebook page and over 1000 local fans on I love My City Facebook page as well

We are just starting out but with our "Patent Pending" strategy we plan to grow this page quickly, the ads are absolutely free  for 1 year at a time. So get your ad today

We will advertise this website to help all ads here, so the first businesses get the top spaces, first come first served.

Just contact us and we will come to meet you and get your ad information and let you approve the ad before it goes online, No selling, No pay, just simply a free ad for you for letting us set the a brochure stand at your place of business which helps everyone, you, us, and all the other stores as well but just remember all other businesses are helping you; when their customers picks up a card and looks at the Coupon Website for discounts, then they will see your ad, and that could be a lot of people for free !

 Get your ad for Free before it`s filled up

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Phone...  626-642-8323

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